What is CoolDigerati?

Pascal Antoine - CoolDigerati
Pascal Antoine – CoolDigerati

My name is Pascal Antoine, and I’m a bonafide member of the CoolDigerati. I created this site to allow us to explore our creative, digital selves.

The Digerati are those with expertise or involvement in information technology. The word is derived from “digital” and “literati” and denotes persons well versed in computer use and technology, especially the internet.

This site is for those who fit into this group and bring creativity, and a little “swag” to the mix – thus also making us cool!

With your help, this website will allow us to explore the creative, digital side of ourselves, and will also serve as a host for content that may not quite fit on our Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram pages. But most of all, the goal is for us to make this interesting, informative, and fun.

SO… what is CoolDigerati? I don’t know but I hope you’ll help me find out. Contact me, contribute, tell me what you think, and which way you’d like to see this go.

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