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Dynamic Media Professional with superior interactive Internet/IT Project Management skills and experience, excels at applying multi-disciplinary knowledge to drive the development of content and functionality.

Founder of HaitiXchange Digital Media provider of professional video and multimedia services.

Demonstrated expertise in all phases of video and multimedia project planning and delivery, including scheduling, production management, digital production, budgeting, directing, and editing as evidenced by the successful completion of projects.

-Pascal Antoine-

Corona Virus IS in Haiti

Producer/Editor/Presenter: Pascal Antoine

Corona Virus is in Haiti After seeing how complacent people in Haiti where there were zero identified cases of Covid-19 in Haiti, I made this video warning that it almost certainly was already there. Unfortunately, the very hour that I published this video, the Haitian government announced that 2 cases had been officially identified. The original was in Haitian Creole, but here it is with English subtitles.

Haiti Gas Crisis 2019

Producer/Editor: Pascal Antoine

I visited Haiti during a severe gas crisis. on my last day, I had to get creative and took a hair-raising and adventurous motorcycle ride to the airport.

Client: Basilic Bed & Breakfast

Producer/Editor: Pascal Antoine

The owner of Basilic Bed and Breakfast on Route de Frères, Haiti, asked me to put together a short property promo to be placed on social media and traditional television. After spending some time on the property and familiarizing myself with their services and amenities, I was able to put together this short piece which immediately increased their revenue by 30% within the first two weeks it was released.

Shark Tank goes to Haiti !

Haiti Startup Talent Business Incubation Program

I had the pleasure of being asked by the organizers of Haiti Start-Up Talent to come and document their final presentation session. Watch these young, Haitian entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to judges using everything they have learned during the six-month program. Haiti refuses to give up!

Client: Haiti Startup Talent

Produced, edited, and voiceover: Pascal Antoine